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Tomas Bacoccoli, former president of Swedish RAB, SE

Tomas Bacoccoli

Former president of RAB Sweden

With more than 20 years within media, in leading positions, Tomas is now giving talks around the world and sharing thoughts via various blogs and articles. Tomas’ subjects are communication and creativity. His speciality: sound and music. More than 20.000 people have been inspired by his talks over the past years. Tomas also gives lectures at various prestigious universities around Europe and has spoken infront of companies such as Google, P&G, and Tech Data.

Tomas used to be the CEO of the Swedish RAB, VP and sales director for MTG Radio Sweden, and has vast experience of Internet, TV, Radio, and Newspapers from all over the globe. With a visionary approach to leadership, strong sense of company culture, and a passionate style, he has managed people in media in Sweden, Italy, Canada, USA, and all of the Baltic countries.