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Nicola Sinisi, Director of Radio, RAI, IT

Nicola Sinisi

Director of Radio, RAI, IT

Nicola Sinisi is Director of Radio, RAI, Italy. In 1977 he collaborated in the founding of Coop Radio Information - private radio station - and became the President. In 1979 directs ARCI where CPS conducts promoting and organizing tours of important Italian and foreign artists. In 1982 he collaborated in the founding of Coop "The City of the Sun" - a company operating in the field of market research, identifying future trends and in the exhibition industry - and became the President.In 1983 he joined Philip Morris Europe - as head of sponsorships and cultural events and assistant to the Chairman of the Company. In 1994, he was Director of Marketing and Sales Director of SAREMA Srl - Company in the field of micro electronics and equipment for retail. In 2002 passes in Conad as Director of Corporate Communications and External and Institutional Relations, Director of Communication and media planning, director of marketing and development of private label. In 2009 enters SIPRA Spa initially as Director of Sipra Lab and Foreign Market and in July 2010 he was appointed general manager of Sipra. In 2014, Rai, is Director of Radio.

From 1985 to 1995 he was Director and Councillor for the City of Bologna with a delegation of Cultural Affairs, Heritage Monumental, Relations with the University, Technological Innovation, Old Town and Tourism; Vice President of the Italian Commission of UNESCO; Board member of Bologna Innovation, Regional Institute of Cultural Heritage, Guglielmo Marconi Foundation and member of the National Council of Performing Arts; Advisor to the Foreign Minister for Cultural Affairs and Scientific and Technological Cooperation