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Nick Piggott -Chair, RadioDNS Hybrid Radio, UK

Nick Piggott

RadioDNS Hybrid Radio, UK

Nick Piggott
Head of Creative Technology at Global Radio (UK)
Chair of the RadioDNS Project

In 1999 he built up a small multi-skilled team to launch the world’s first commercial Digital Radio stations. Under Nick’s leadership, that team has consistently delivered innovative new services to radio stations, including interactive text message services, music downloading, mobile and multi-platform applications, and visuallised radio services. The team has won numerous awards for innovation over the last decade.
Nick has spent the majority of his career working in the commercial radio industry, initially in programming and then moving to digital radio in the late 1990s.

Nick is one of the founders of RadioDNS, an open technology project that lets broadcast radio and IP work together, combining the power of broadcasting to reach many people and the power of the internet to deliver enhanced or personalised content. Find out more about RadioDNS at

As both a passionate advocate of radio and a highly regarded conference speaker, Nick travels globally to talk about the opportunities for radio in the digital age.