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Mikkel B. Ottesen, CEO andCo-Founder RadioAnalyzer ApS, DK

Mikkel B. Ottesen

CEO RadioAnalyzer ApS, DK

Almost born into the Danish radio industry, Mikkel B. Ottesen is a rare species of media pro. Thinking commercially to the bone but professionally balanced with an exam in journalism to provide a deep understanding and respect of classical credible publishing standards - and seasoned with a profound love for the most versatile media platform in the world - radio.

Mikkel B. Ottesen made a career out of managing and training media staff to be effective in an organization working with media convergence across platforms before co-founding RadioAnalyzer in 2013.

RadioAnalyzer has invented a software suite to help radio make the leap into the era of Big Data, analyzing listener reactions and patterns to make sure radio still has a role to play in the everyday life of the listener. Oh, and to maximize profit, naturally.