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James Walshe, Deputy Editor, Practical Classics, UK

James Walshe

DE, Practical Classics

Combining his biggest loves in life – radio, music and cars – James Walshe is a radio producer and motoring journalist.

James’ 19 year career has taken him from the world of radio and TV news, broadcasting and managing breakfast programmes for commercial radio and until recently, producing a daily programme for BBC Radio 2. In addition, he has seen how commercial radio management teams operate from the inside in the post of Deputy Programme Controller and later Programme Director for a number of high profile UK commercial radio stations.

Recently leaving Wise Buddah to focus full time on writing for motoring publications, James is Deputy Editor of UK based Bauer publication Practical Classics – one of the biggest selling classic car magazines in Britain. With occasional offers of freelance work in radio still tempting James back from time to time, he spends most of his days restoring and driving his small collection of old vehicles and has insisted, of course, in fitting a radio to each of them!

 ‘I’m as happy writing about fixing my old Citroen as I am playing zoo keeper to a bunch of creative and fiery radio presenters’, says James. ‘The fact I often get to do both is a dream come true!’