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Ali A. Abhary, CEO of Karnaval Media Group

Ali A. Abhary

CEO of Karnaval Media Group

Ali A. Abhary is the Chief Executive Officer of Karnaval Media Group, a diversified new-media company in Turkey.  Karnaval operates the country's largest radio broadcasting network as well as its leading digital social news publisher; a multi-channel network for original online video content and a "smart-radio" based subscription music service. 

An Iranian-Canadian who moved to Turkey 16 years ago, Mr. Abhary is the founder of Biletix A.S., the leading entertainment ticketing company in Turkey which he subsequently sold to Ticketmaster / Live Nation in 2006.  In founding Biletix, Mr. Abhary established one of the earliest and most successful internet startups in Turkey, and the first that led to a direct investment from a major international e-commerce company.  Prior to founding Biletix, Mr. Abhary was a Senior Consultant with Monitor Group, a world-leading strategy consulting firm having worked in Monitor’s Istanbul and Boston offices advising major Fortune 500 companies on issues of strategy and new market entry. Mr. Abhary is a Phi Beta Kappa, Magna Cum Laude graduate of Brown University where he studied International Relations and Economics.