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Alex Braga, Musician and radio host, IT

Alex Braga

Musician and radio host, IT

Alex Braga is an Italian musician and producer, radio speaker, tv host, tv producer, tv author and radio author.

Alex Braga starts his carrer in 1995 in VIDEOMUSIC, the first italian music televison. Since then, he writes, hosts and produces many succesfull shows in tv acheiving the great goal of getting a late show on RAI3 with the tv version of 610.

Braga is also a very active experimental artist and electronic musician, and scored billing on  the biggest avantgarde music festival SONAR as well as cooperations with worldwide superstars such as Davide Squillace and the Starn Twins, famous for their BigBamboo installations.

The Radio is the other of Braga’s big passions .

Kicking off his career at the Florence based radio CONTRORADIO, with the experimental show "La Corrazzata Potemkin".

In 2001 he arrives in RAI with the show “3131-Costume e Società”.

From 2001 to 2005 he writes and hosts various shows for Radio2, amongst them: “La mezzanotte di Radio2”, “Il Cammello di Radio2”, “Memorabilia”, “Ottovolante”.

From 2005 to present he writes and hosts together with the comedy duo Lillo&Greg the successful radio show 610, on Radio2.

The show grew big during the years thanks to the strong crossmedial work made by the team focusing on Radio, Territory (sold out shows in theatres), tv and web. The constant production of tailored contents for the web community helped to build a very strong and loyal community.

From 2012 to 2014 Alex Braga is the creator, author and host of TwitandShout, the first full crossmedial show of Italian radio based on Twitter, on Radio2.

TwitAndShout is still regarded as a case study for Universities as the new frontier of convergent communication