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Ali A. Abhary, CEO of Karnaval Media Group

Ali A. Abhary

CEO of Karnaval Media Group
Kodjo Akolor,P3 Morning Host, Sweden

Kodjo Akolor

P3 Morning Host, Sweden
Alan Alpenfelt, Actor, director and producer, UK

Alan Alpenfelt

Actor and director , UK
Paul Amos, MD, Xtra Research, AUS

Paul Amos

MD, Xtra Research, AUS
Daniel Anstandig, CEO and Co-Founder of Futuri Media, USA

Daniel Anstandig

CEO, Futuri Media, USA

Malika Ayane

Italian singer-songwriter
Tomas Bacoccoli, former president of Swedish RAB, SE

Tomas Bacoccoli

Former president of RAB Sweden
Antoine Bayet, Head/digital news/France info, FR

Antoine Bayet

Head/digital news/France info
Matthieu Beauval, deputy director, head of broadcast and innovation for the New Media Department of Radio France, FR

Matthieu Beauval

New Media Dep. Radio France
Pierre Bellanger is the founder and CEO of the Skyrock group, FR

Pierre Bellanger

CEO of the Skyrock group, FR
Michal Ben-David

Michal Ben-David

TV-producer / PhD-researcher
Cilla Benkö - Director General of Swedish Radio and member of  EBU`s Executive Board, SE

Cilla Benkö

Director General of SR, SE
Vincent Benveniste, CEO & Co-Owner, DAVID Systems, DE

Vincent Benveniste

CEO & Co-Owner, DAVID Systems
Frank Beyhl, PD at Radio Gong, DE

Frank Beyhl

PD at Radio Gong, DE
Jacqueline Bierhorst, Project Director Digital Radio+, NL

Jacqueline Bierhorst

PD Digital Radio+, NL
Torsten Birenheide, Director of BB RADIO in Berlin/ Brandenburg, DE

Torsten Birenheide

Director of BB RADIO, DE
Chris Blacklay, Executive Producer for Somethin Else, UK

Chris Blacklay

Exc. Prod. for Somethin Else
Helen Boaden, Director of Radio, BBC, UK

Helen Boaden

Director of Radio, BBC, UK
Piers Bradford, Project manager, Radio Everyone, UK

Piers Bradford

PM, Radio Everyone, UK
Alex Braga, Musician and radio host, IT

Alex Braga

Musician and radio host, IT

Rolf Brandrud

Manager, Radiodays Europe, NO
Sam Cavanagh, executive producer, Southern Cross Austereo, Australia

Sam Cavanagh

Executive producer, AUS
Dennis Clark, VP, iHeart Media, Los Angeles, US

Dennis Clark

VP, iHeart Media, LA, US
Bryce Clemmer, co-founder and CEO of Vadio, Inc, USA

Bryce Clemmer

CEO of Vadio, Inc, USA
Laura-May Coope, Director of Social Life, UK

Laura-May Coope

Director of Social Life, UK
Ben Cooper - Controller, BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 1Xtra, UK

Ben Cooper

Controller, BBC Radio1
Paula Cordeiro, Radio scientist and digital strategy designer; Lecturer and Ombudsperson at RTP, PO

Paula Cordeiro

Digital strategy designer, PO
James Cridland Radio futurologist, Managing Director of, UK

James Cridland

Sam Crowther Head of Creative - Bauer Radio, UK

Sam Crowther

Bauer Radio, UK
Giuseppe Cruciani, Talkshow host, Radio 24, IT

Giuseppe Cruciani

Talkshow host, Radio 24, IT
Mark Cummins, Content Manager, SBS Radio Australia

Mark Cummins

Content Manager, SBS Radio Aus
Oliver Deane, Commercial Digital Director at Global, UK

Oliver Deane

CDD at Global, UK
Hervé Déjardin, sound engineer at Radio France, FR

Hervé Déjardin

Sound engineer at Radio France
Raul Domingo, CEO, Know Media , ES

Raul Domingo

CEO, Know Media , ES
Peter Don, Founder and principal  – Broadcast Programming & Research

Peter Don

Broadcast Programming&Research

Tone Donald

Head of NRK Ung, NRK, NO
Elvis Duran, Morning Show Host - Z100, US

Elvis Duran

Morning Show Host - Z100
Thor Gjermund Eriksen, Director General of Norway’s public broadcaster NRK, NO

Thor Gjermund Eriksen

Director General NRK
Christoph Falke, Head of TV/Radio Portfolio of Axel Springer SE, DE

Christoph Falke

Axel Springer SE, DE
Lenja Faraguna Papp -Founder of ROB (Radio Advertising Bureau SLOVENIA), SLO

Lenja Faraguna Papp

Founder of ROB, SLO
Adam Ferrier, Consumer psychologist, AU

Adam Ferrier

Consumer psychologist, AU
Luc Frelon, Music Programmers at the eclectic French music radio station 'FIP RADIO’. FR

Luc Frelon

Music Programmer 'FIP RADIO’.
Davide Gaddia, Head of Technical Department, Gruppo Finelco, IT

Davide Gaddia

Head Tech.Dep.,Gruppo Finelco
Mathieu Gallet, Ceo &Chairman of Radio France, FR

Mathieu Gallet

Ceo&Chairman of Radio France
Marty Garrison, VP Technology, NPR, USA

Marty Garrison

VP Technology, NPR, USA
Larry Gifford, international radio programming and management consultant, talent coach and owner of Larry Gifford Media, USA

Larry Gifford

Programming consultant, USA
Nik Goodman, Director - Bounce,UK

Nik Goodman

Media consultant, UK
Chris Gould, CEO, All In Media, UK

Chris Gould

CEO, All In Media, UK
Rob Green, Vice President of WO Streaming for WideOrbit, USA

Rob Green

VP, WO Streaming for WideOrbit
Mel Greig, Radio DJ 2FM in Sydney, AUS

Mel Greig

Radio DJ 2FM in Sydney
Norbert Grundei, Head of programme N-JOY Radio, DE

Norbert Grundei

Head of programme N-JOY Radio
Luigi Gubitosi, General Manager of RAI, IT

Luigi Gubitosi

General Manager of RAI, IT
David G Hall, Media Strategist, US

David G Hall

Media Strategist, US
Joe Harland, Head of Visual Radio Radio 1 & 1Xtra, UK

Joe Harland

Visual Radio Radio 1 & 1Xtra
Laurence Harrison, Market Development Director, Digital Radio UK

Laurence Harrison

MDD Digital Radio UK
Tom Heerdegen, Head of the news department of Norddeutscher Rundfunk in Hamburg, DE

Tom Heerdegen

Norddeutscher Rundfunk, DE
Anders Held, Co-founder and Manager of Radiodays Europe, SE

Anders Held

Manager of Radiodays Europe
Tim Heyes, Director, Soundmite, UK

Tim Heyes

Director, Soundmite, UK
Michael Hill , founder and Managing Director of UK Radioplayer Ltd (UK)

Michael Hill

MD, UK Radioplayer Ltd (UK)
Ed Hooper, Co-founder of  121cast, AUS

Ed Hooper

Co-founder of 121cast, AUS
Jack and Dean, You tube stars, UK

Jack and Dean

You tube stars, UK
Birgitte Jallov, Director of EMPOWERHOUSE (, DK

Birgitte Jallov

Steve Jones, Music industry veteran, US

Steve Jones

Music industry veteran, US
Tanya Juhasz, Vice President, International Business Development for Premiere Networks, USA

Tanya Juhasz

Premiere Networks, USA
Anders Kinch-Jensen, Head of All Talk Radioformat P1, Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR), DK

Anders Kinch-Jensen

Head-Talk Radioformat P1, DR
Kristian Kropp, CEO of bigFM/RPR1, DE

Kristian Kropp

CEO of bigFM/RPR1, DE
Carsten Kuehntopp, Editor at B5Aktuell, DE

Carsten Kuehntopp

Editor at B5Aktuell, DE
Warren Kurtzman, President & Chief Operating Officer, Coleman Insights, USA

Warren Kurtzman

COO,Coleman Insights, USA
Eugenio La Teana, Research & Development Director, RTL 102,5. IT

Eugenio La Teana

R&D Director, RTL 102,5. IT
Rüdiger Landgraf, Programme Director, KRONEHIT, AT

Rüdiger Landgraf

Gracia Lee, radio producer in the Digital Services Team for the 'Korean Broadcasting System' (KBS), KR

Gracia Lee

Radio producer KBS, KR
Stijn Lehaen, Manager VRT’s Digital Production Center, BE

Stijn Lehaen

VRT Startup, BE
Cajsa Lindberg, Controller SR P3, Swedish Radio, SE

Cajsa Lindberg

Controller SR P3, SE
Mark Little is the founder of Storyful, IE

Mark Little

CEO, Storyful, IE
Geoff Lloyd, programme presenter on Absolute Radio, UK

Geoff Lloyd

Presenter on Absolute Radio
Boris Lochthofen, CEO Radio PSR, DE

Boris Lochthofen

Jure Longyka, Independent Media Production Professional, SI

Jure Longyka

Media Production Professional
Michael Mahemoff, Founder of Player FM, UK, UK

Michael Mahemoff

Founder of Player FM, UK
Julia Maier-Hauff, Secretary General of AER, DE

Julia Maier-Hauff

Secretary General of AER, DE
Gioia Marzocchi, TV & Radio host and actor, IT

Gioia Marzocchi

TV & Radio host and actor, IT
Cécile Mégie, Director of RFI, FR

Cécile Mégie

Director of RFI
Antonio Mendes, Programming director RFM, PO

Antonio Mendes

Programming director RFM, PO
Stefan Möller, President of AER, BE

Stefan Möller

President of AER, BE
Peter Niegel - Radio Audience Researcher in DR, DK

Peter Niegel

Radio Audience Researcher, DR
Florian Novak, Founder and CEO, AT

Florian Novak

Founder and CEO, AT
Annika Nyberg Frankenhaeuser ,EBU Media Director (FI)

Annika Nyberg

EBU Media Director, FI
Rolf Nyffenegger, SwissTXT, CH

Rolf Nyffenegger

SwissTXT, CH
Mikkel B. Ottesen, CEO andCo-Founder RadioAnalyzer ApS, DK

Mikkel B. Ottesen

CEO RadioAnalyzer ApS, DK
Mariana O’Kelly, Executive Creative Director, Ogilvy & Mather, South Africa, ZA

Mariana O’Kelly

ECD Ogilvy & Mather, ZA
Rosario Pellecchia, Radio host "105 friends" on Italian station Radio 105

Rosario Pellecchia

Radio host "105 friends"
Lars Peters, Head of Business Development Digital Media, RMS, DE

Lars Peters

Digital Media, RMS, DE
Nick Piggott -Chair, RadioDNS Hybrid Radio, UK

Nick Piggott

RadioDNS Hybrid Radio, UK
Jan Poelmann, Team Lead Technology & Ad Management, RMS Germany, DE

Jan Poelmann

Digital media department, RMS
Annabel Port,Presenter Absolute Radio, UK

Annabel Port

Presenter Absolute Radio
Bogusław Potoniec, Program director and VP of Radio Group Time (Group ZPR Media, Poland)

Bogusław Potoniec

PD of Radio Group Time, PL
Peppi Puljujärvi, Head of Music, YleX, FI

Peppi Puljujärvi

Head of Music, YleX, FI
Trygve Refvem, Head of Digital Music, MTGx (Modern Times Group), SE

Trygve Refvem

Head of Digital Music, MTGx
Cecilia Rinaldini, Radio Rai News reporter, IT

Cecilia Rinaldini

Radio Rai News reporter, IT
Paul Robinson, CEO Creative Media Partners Ltd, UK

Paul Robinson

CEOCreative Media Partners Ltd
Larry Rosin - Co-founder and President of Edison Research, USA

Larry Rosin

President Edison Research, USA
Robert Ruckstuhl, SRF Radio Director, CH

Robert Ruckstuhl

SRF Radio Director, CH
Tomi Saarinen, Head Of YleX, YleX/Finnish Broadcasting Company, FI

Tomi Saarinen

Head Of YleX, FI
Anna Sale, host and managing editor of Death, Sex & Money, WNYC, US US

Anna Sale

Host of Death, Sex & Money
Ismael Sanchez Menendez, Head of Innovation, Atres Media, Spain

Ismael Sanchez Menendez

Head of Innovation,Atres Media
Matt Saraceni, Head of Content - Omny, AUS

Matt Saraceni

Head of Content, Omny, AUS
Christian Schalt ,Consultant, Next Level Audio, DE

Christian Schalt

Consultant, Next Level Audio
Tony Scott and Tue Blædel, Journalists and talk show hosts, Danish Radio P3, DK

Tony Scott and Tue Blædel

Journalists and radiohosts, DR
John Simons, Consultant – Simo Radio, UK

John Simons

Consultant – Simo Radio
Nicola Sinisi, Director of Radio, RAI, IT

Nicola Sinisi

Director of Radio, RAI, IT
Filippo Solibello, host of the italian morning show Caterpillar AM, on RAI Radio2, IT

Filippo Solibello

Radio host, RAI ,Radio2, IT
Jon Spearing is Research Manager for BBC Online, UK

Jon Spearing

Research Manager, BBC Online
Judith Spilsbury, Head of Customer Training, RAB UK

Judith Spilsbury

Head Customer training RAB UK
Joel Sucherman, Senior Director for Digital Products at NPR, US

Joel Sucherman

SD,Digital Products at NPR, US
Jussi Suvanto, PD of Radio Suomipop and Radio Aalto, FI

Jussi Suvanto

PD of Radio Suomipop, FI
Ulla Svensson, Format developer SR, SE

Ulla Svensson

Format developer SR, SE
Rasmus Thaarup, audience researcher at DR, DK

Rasmus Thaarup

Audience researcher at DR, DK
Helen Thomas, Editor at BBC Radio 2, UK

Helen Thomas

Editor at BBC Radio 2
Ole Jørgen Torvmark, CEO Digital Radio Norge, NO

Ole Jørgen Torvmark

CEO Digital Radio Norge
Joe Trainor, evangelist, X-Art, AT

Joe Trainor evangelist, X-Art, AT
Erik van Hengstum, Innovation Manager, NPO, NL

Erik van Hengstum

Innovation Manager, NPO, NL
Niccolò Vecchia, radio host at Radio Popolare, IT

Niccolò Vecchia

Radio host, Radio Popolare, IT

Konstantin von Eggert

Russian journalist/commentator
Philipp von Martius, General Manager, egofm, Germany

Philipp von Martius

General Manager, egofm
John Vorhaus, international creative consultant

John Vorhaus

Creative consultant
Ian Walker, CEO of Oxis Media, UK

Ian Walker

CEO of Oxis Media, UK
Tobias Wallerius, Hardware architect at Visteon, DE

Tobias Wallerius

Hardware architect at Visteon
James Walshe, Deputy Editor, Practical Classics, UK

James Walshe

DE, Practical Classics
Alison Winter, Head of Audiences for BBC Radio & Music, UK

Alison Winter

BBC Radio & Music
Sidsel Wold, Foreign Affairs reporter NRK , NO

Sidsel Wold

Foreign Affairs reporter, NRK
Long Zheng, co-founder of 121cast

Long Zheng

co-founder of 121cast
Valerio Zingarelli , Chief Technology Officer RAI, IT

Valerio Zingarelli

Chief Technology Officer RAI