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Radiodays Europe 2012 in Barcelona

Radiodays Europe the no.1 radio event

Radiodays Europe the best bits 2012…Berlin as the host city in 2013

Barcelona, 16 March 2012
Radiodays Europe 2012 closed its doors today with the announcement that next year’s event will be held in Berlin on 18-19 March 2013.
In a statement from the Radiodays Europe organising team they said “This year’s event has surpassed all expectations. We sold out three weeks before the start. The feedback from participants has been extremely positive and the support from our partners and the city of Barcelona has made this an event to remember”.
Radiodays Europe has been a positive event not just in terms of participation and great speakers but also due to the positivity of the radio industry which could be felt through the conference sessions.
Here is a selection of some of the best bits of Radiodays 2012:
Tim Davie “The most important thing you can do today is tell your mobile operator that you want phones to receive a broadcast signal, as IP can’t deliver us the growth that we need…It’s a wonderful time to be in radio” 
Tim Davie, BBC





Christian O’Connell launches new idea - A key tenet of the programme is to make listeners a part of the show – “Together we’re making every radio show. We’re an inclusive club….To take an idea, rev it up and see if you can jump over the canyon”
Christian O’Connell, Absolute Radio




Ira Glass on changing National Public radio – we decided to be “aggressively entertaining” and make sure that they “take away the whiff of broccoli…Great stories happen to those who can tell them”
Ira Glass, This is American Life



On what makes a great radio hit - “You know it’s a hit if it makes your willy tingle!”
Pete Waterman



Annika Nyberg “There’s no reason to complain – 86% of Europeans listen to radio for up to 3 hours every day”.
Annika Nyberg, EBU



“Radio provides a consistent environment tailored for the listener, whatever they do and wherever they are...Radio improves energy levels by almost 300 per cent,”
Mark Barber, RAB



It’s never being easier to reach new target audiences in more countries – and the app downloads keep increasing.
Bernhard Bahners,



Radioplayer goes worldwide - Over 7million unique users each month listen to both live and on-demand audio from commercial and BBC stations. - ”Working together has real benefits – you speak with one voice, you can keep your costs and risks down, as a partnership you attract bigger partners”
Michael Hill, Radioplayer



”Geotagging and user locations will transform the world and radio broadcasters can benefit and profit from this development”
Gary Gale, Nokia



Klubradio fights for freedom of speech in Hungar - ”Democracy has no defense if the government hacks the media system”
Vicsek Ferenc, Klubrádio



News is changing - There was a clear goal to get away from the “we interrupt this program” attitude that made news an alien in the output, to a natural and integrated part of the show.
Giselle van Cann, NOS




“People do not listen because the device looks good, people listen because the content is good.”
Ole Jørgen Torvmark, Digitalradio Norway



Radiodays Europe is coming to an end but here’s some more information for those of you who missed it...
We had 800 visitors, 80 speakers, more than 45 sessions (so many we lost count!), visitors from every continent except where they have penguins, 3 official bloggers, 26 exhibitors, 14 partners, 2 radio shows broadcasting live (Spain/Italy), our own radio station This is Radio!, 60 Radiodays staff members (Thanks to all), 100s of tweets using the #rde12, our own Radiodays Europe app, a few famous faces, two fantastic drinks parties and much much more….. Radiodays Europe remains the no.1 radio event in Europe.
Finally for those of you who missed this year, all that’s left to be said is BOOK EARLY!!!

And now to Berlin...



"From North to South and now directly to the centre of Europe: It's not only Berlin's rich history and culture that makes it worth a visit. The excellent flight and rail connections, the variety of sights and the accommodations on offer in all price categories are further reasons why Berlin has developed into an ideal conference location with international flair. Radiodays Europe is delighted to host the fourth  next year along with its members and partners. Promoting radio through a friendly exchange of experiences is both our objective and our incentive. We would like to warmly welcome you to Berlin in 2013!"
Lutz Kuckuck, CEO Radiozentrale, Berlin
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