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Radiodays Europe - bigger than ever!

Reinventing radio is the core theme of this year`s conference programme


Radiodays Europe – Europe’s biggest radio conference held in Barcelona on March 14th to 16th 2012 – bigger than ever both on programme and ticket sales.


At an international press conference in Barcelona Thursday the heads of the Catalan radio industry were showing their massive support to Radiodays Europe 2012. For the first time Radiodays Europe will be tri-lingual.  The working language is still English, all sessions in the main programme will be translated into Spanish and Catalan. 

Ticket sales is going fast – faster than last year – and participants from Europe and even from distant areas like USA, Asia and Latin-America will participate in Radiodays Europe 2012. The available sponsorships are getting close to sold out. Most of the programme is now published at

New speakers
Among the latest confirmed speakers on the programme are:

Kristen Purcell (Pew Internet Research, USA), Jean Isnard (Virgin Radio, France),

Joël Ronez (Radio France), Ignacio Gomez (RNE Spain), Christian Schalt (RS2 DE),

Patricio Snachez Gomez (Onda Cero, Spain), Caroline Broader (Radio 358 NL),

Ida Hult (Ethnography, Sweden),Tomas Granryd (Head of P3, SR) and Gunnar Garfors (NRK, Norway).


Reinventing radio the core theme of this year´s conference programme. Confronted with increasingly tough competition about the attention of the public, radio is still doing remarkably well - reaching 90% of the European population every week. But beware! The time spent listening is dropping - especially among the younger generations who are the most active users of music services, internet and social media. To survive as a medium and an industry even in 10, 20 and 30 years radio needs innovate and reinvent itself.

What can "reinventing radio" mean - and how can radio stations do so?
This years Radiodays Europe offers an unique opportunity to explore such questions from different angles.

Content. How does popular morning hosts like Christian O´Connell from Absolute Radio, UK build strong relationship with his public? What is the secret behind the storytelling skills of Ira Glass from the legendary program "This American Life"? And how do you make a Rolling Stone into a Radio Star?

New platforms. What will Volkswagen´s vision of the future media environment in cars? Is the future in DAB, mobiles, web radio, social media - or in a happy marriage between broadcasting and interactivity? Listen to opposing views and discuss with radio colleagues with different experiences and considerations!

Profitability. Can a radio charity shows for a good cause also make money for the radio station? The Dutch Radio 538 has experienced this. Radio makes people happy! says the British RAB, while the big advertiser DHL explains why radio works for them. And the new business slogan for radio is now "Broadcasting one to many, advertising one to one!"


These are only some of the themes in the Radiodays Europe programme with more than 40 sessions and 70 speakers. Most of the programme is now published on the web site.
For the planning of your trip, you should know that the event starts with a welcoming reception on Wednesday 14th at 8 pm and that the two-day conference ends at 2 pm on Friday 16th.

Have a look at the updated programme and proceed if you wish to registration, getting there and hotels.