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Radiodays Europe 2013, day one highlights

25 sessions at Radiodays Europe in Berlin confirming Radio`s strength

 The dust has settled on the first 24 hours at Radiodays Europe in Berlin. We’ve had 1100 delegates through the door, 25 sessions and an incredibly positive message: broadcasters are working together to build a strong future for radio.
Top stories
Ford Ennals, CEO at Digital Radio UK, announced that Audi UK will now offer digital radio as standard on all new cars in the UK this year. BMW have already done the same, as have Mini. 33 per cent of new cars now offer digital radio as standard.
Jan-Willem Brüggenwirth, Director General, Radio 538 in the Netherlands, highlighted the need for digital innovation in radio. He announced that in the Netherlands, the radio industry is embracing DAB+ and will aim to convert from analogue to digital over the next ten year period.
BBC Radio 1 and Radio 1Xtra Controller, Ben Cooper, explained his strategy to reach younger listeners in the UK. He also presented his views on how to measure audiences, not just via official measuring tools, but also using retweets, Youtube views and Facebook posts.
Cilla Benkö, Director General at Sveriges Radio, Sweden, focussed on the importance of gaining trust from audiences. If you have the trust of your audience it is very difficult for your competitors to harm you.
Michael Hill, Managing Director at Radioplayer UK, said that the radio industry was waking up to the power of partnership and announced that Norway is adopting the UK Radioplayer system.
Robert Krulwich told the story of Radiolab, from humble beginnings to now, with over 400 radio stations broadcasting his show and 4.5 million people subscribing to the podcast.
Sam Cavanagh, producer on the Hamish & Andy Show in Australia, said that the future of radio is how you see your audience, importantly, not as “listeners” but rather as “fans”.You might be doing well on the radio, but if you are not online then you will lose out.
Annika Nyberg promoted the EBU’s eurochip campaign, calling for all manufacturers to produce products to a defined European technology standard.
Mark Gillman, founder of the Gilman Group, said that broadcasters needed to take their programming directly to audiences. Broadcasters can do this by providing “audience adventures” and allowing them to broadcast on your airwaves.
Nick Piggott, Chairman of RadioDNS, said that by using hybrid radio, broadcasters could obtain mass market and good reach via terrestrial broadcast technologies, combined with personalisation and interaction delivered through the internet.
Florian Ruckert, at the Radio Marketing Services, said that radio sales teams across Europe needed to change their techniques for selling radio, by investing in more creative spots, research and education.

Top tweets
“We're very proud to announce that Norway are adopting our UK Radioplayer system. The world's waking up to the power of partnership #rde13”
“Today Audi announced digital radio as standard in UK cars following BMW. #rde13”
“Pleased that in spite of being up against @bbcr1's Ben Cooper, the hybrid radio session at #rde13 is still full.”
“DAB+ launching in September in The Netherlands, Jan-Willem Brüggenwirth from Radio 538 confirms. Possible FM switch off in 2023 #rde13”
“A Nyberg frankenhaeuser (EBU): "Lets be proud of what we achieved for radio so far and lets be even more proud of what we still can achieve" #rde13”