Passion meets Progress
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Welcome to Radiodays Europe in Milan. The Italian epicentre of culture, fashion and design.

The place to be for people who love radio.

Radiodays Europe kicked off yesterday, with delegates arriving at MiCo to get their badges..

Walking through the gates to the exhibition, it’s impossible to ignore the buzz, anticipation and excitement. 

The workshops also kicked off sunday - What can the radio industry learn from Pixar and Google?  Read more about the workshops 


There is something special about Radiodays Europe. It’s more than just a conference and presentations; it’s more than just networking.

For the next two days MiCo in Milan will be the home of broadcasters from around the world. It will be the place where passion meets progress. For so many of us in the radio industry Radiodays Europe is the perfect storm, bringing together ideas, case studies and some of the best people in the business. 

Rolf, Anders, the programming group and the #RDE15 team have a lot to live up to following the past few years. But with such an incredible programme, speakers and entertainment, I'm sure we can make this the best Radiodays Europe ever.  

Read more about the sunday programme with workshops and exciting tours in Milan here

Bring it on!