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Old versus new media in the Snowden case


What happens next with the Snowden files?  This will be the core follow up question in the Radiodays Europle session where Deputy Editor Paul Johnson from The Guardian tells the inside story about how the newspaper got, handled and published articles based on the Edward Snowden files.

Will the Snowden files be destructed as part of an asylum deal between the US and Snowden?  Or will we get more revealing articles, and – if so – by whom?  Should this sensitive material be handled by thrustworthy old media like the Guardian and New York Times?  Or are we comfortable with an unknown, new internet publication taking monopoly on publishing from the Snowden files?

The answer lies in the hands of four persons.  In addition to Edward Snowden himself and Paul Johnson it is Glenn Greenwald and Pierre Omidyar.  Glenn Greenwald was at the time the Guardian journalist with the direct contact.  He has now left the Guardian and established as a channel for publishing more of the Snowden material.  According to some sources, Glenn Greenwald and his colleague in The Intercept, Laura Poitras, are now the only ones in possession of the Edward Snowden files.  And they are supported by Pierre Omidyar, the founder of the internet auction site eBay, who is financing this net project with 250 million dollars.

No, they will not all be present at Radiodays Europe, only Paul Johnson.  But this will still make ”The Edward Snowden case” into a must-attend session at this year's Radiodays Europe.