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New: More confirmed Speakers, Master Classes, Berlin Tours

New confirmed Speakers

In the first days of the new year we are proud to announce four new confirmed speakers for  Radiodays Europe in Berlin 17-19 March.

Mark Findlay, Head of Music, Capital FM, UK, holds one of the most influential jobs in British music radio.

Susan Marjetti, Managing Director of CBC Toronto, Canada.  She will tell the amazing secrets about how the Metro Morning made it to No 1.

Yuri Kostin, President and CEO of Prof-Media Broadcasting Corporation.  In his portofolio is Moscow’s market leader Autoradio – a station with some very remarkable Olympic successes.

Jan Willem Brüggenwirth, CEO of the Dutch market leading commercial Radio 538.  His project is finding the new commercial opportunities beyond traditional advertising spots.

Among the already announced speakers...

..are Ben Cooper, Controller BBC Radio 1, Robert Krulwich, Producer of RadioLab, USA, Arno Müller, PD and morning host of 104,6 RTL Berlin, Annika Nyberg, Media Director, EBU, Frank Lanoux, VP NextRadio TV, France, David G Hall, Mediastrategist USA, Valerie Weber, Antenne Bayern, Germany, Clive Dickens, COO Absolute Radio, UK, Stefan Möller, President AER, Joachim Knuth, PD, NDR, Germany , J Mark Gillman,  TMGS Creative, UK, Archana Kapoor, Radio Mewat, India and Sam Cavanagh, Southern Cross Austereo, Australia. 

You will find the preliminary programme on Radiodays Europe website. More speakers and the final programme will be released by the end of January.


New: Master Classes & Berlin Tours on Sunday 17th

In addition to the two full days of the main conference on the 18 - 19 of March, Radiodays Europe will this year offer an additional programme on the Sunday 17th before the main conference starts.


There will be three offers of  afternoon master classes and workshops on Sunday afternoon, starting at 14.30. The topics will be about leadership, social media and media sales. You will need to sign on specifically for these offers and there will only be for a limited number of participants. There will also be a small additional fee, if you wish to sign up for any of these offers.
   More information about the master classes and workshops will follow shortly as well as information about how to sign up for them.

CHECKPOINTS BERLIN - Welcome Tours from 1430

Get to know remarkable places in the German capitals which only the Berliners themselves know and love!  Mingle with new radio colleagues while touring Berlin!  Enjoy being guided around in English by hospitable colleagues from leading Berlin Radio stations!
   There will be different offers – from “Mauer-Walk” via common bicycle-tours to historic radio sites roundtrips.  Our main partner Radiozentrale organizes this together with Berlin radio stations, and this offer will have no extra cost.  More information and sign up information will follow shortly.


Plan your trip!

What to take part in: Radiodays Europe conference programme Monday18th 9 – 1730 and Tuesday 19th 9 – 16. 

When to arrive:  Consider Sunday 17th from 1430 to take part in exclusive master classes and/or Berlin Radio Excursions

Where to stay: A good place to mingle with radio colleagues may be the Park Inn Hotel with a roomy bar on ground floor.  Within 500 meter from venue.  RDE quota of 200 rooms.  Good place to meet in late evenings!  Find your hotel on our ”Travel & Hotel”-page.  But be aware – deadlines for the reserved quotas are running out in January and early February.  The best choices are available now.


Be sure to register for your ticket now at Radiodays Europe website!  Information about coupon codes for those entitled to partner discounts will be available from the different partner organisations.