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The Guardian´s inside story of the Snowden case

The inside story of the whistleblower Edward Snowden´s disclosures of mass surveillance will be one of the topics at Radiodays Europe in Dublin

Edward Snowden's disclosure of the US mass surveillance of international phone- and internet communication was last year's largest scandal with far-reaching consequences for journalism, privacy and politics. Paul Johnson, deputy editor of The Guardian, which was the first and main publisher of the Snowden material, tells the inside story about how his paper got onto the case, how they handled it, the political pressure they met and the further perspectives they see in the case.


Another unique story not to be missed is told by Lia Chawaf, Editor in chief of the independent Syrian radio “Rozana”, broadcasting from Paris to Syria.


Journalism is only one of many topics at Radiodays Europe. Other sessions cover new media, new formats, new research and new revenues for radio. In all Radiodays Europe will have 100 speakers in 50 sessions.


 Here are some of the new confirmed speakers:

  • Paul Johnson, Deputy Editor of The Guardian, UK, about the Snowdon case.
  • Lia Chawaf, Editor in chief of the independent Syrian radio “Rozana”.
  • Gabrielle Cummins, CEO and Programme Director Beat FM, Waterford, Ireland.
  • Alexander Agishev, Programme Director, Beat FM Moscow, Russia.
  • Graham Albans, Producer, the Chris Evans Show, BBC Radio 2, UK.
  • Dan Healy, Head of RTÉ 2fm, Ireland.
  • Daniel Anstandig, CEO, Listener Driven Radio (LDR) Interactive, USA.


…adding to the list of speakers already announced: Helen Boaden (Director of Radio, BBC, UK), Jacqueline Smit (CEO, 538 Group, Netherlands), Andy Carvin (Social Media Strategist, NPR, USA), Martin Liss (National Program Director, Energy, Germany), Tony Blackburn (Radio Legend, BBC Radio 2, UK), Ralph van Dijk (Founder and Creative Director, Eardrum, Australia), Cilla Benkö (Director General, Swedish Radio), Annika Nyberg (Media Director, EBU), Joël Ronez (Director of New Media and Le Mouv´, Radio France) Eric Adelbrecht (Radio Operations Director, RTL, Belgium) and Catherine Burns (The Moth, USA).


See the preliminary programme HERE.