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Full programme published

- Radio is in its greatest ever periode of change, says BBC's Radio Director Helen Boaden

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Radio is in its greatest ever periode of change

So says BBC’s Radio Director Helen Boaden.  In her keynote at Radiodays Europe she will speak about how radio broadcasters can turn the turmoil in the whole media industry into golden opportuni-ties for development and renewal of the radio medium.

Major changemakers are up for discussion

Car media expert Fred Jacobs explores what the media environment will look like in the cars of tomorrow.  Clive Dickens – former UK, now Australia – speaks about the smart phone challenge under the heading “So-Lo-Mo”. Larry Rosin brings a fresh analysis of the reception of iTunes Radio from the US.  Other sessions look into the World’s greatest Apps and The battle for the attention of the young..  Northwestern Europe is well on its way towards digital radio.  What is the successful programming strategies for making it happen?

Great content, well presented

Radiodays Europe looks into the hot content areas.  
   Investigative journalism – listen to The Guardian’s inside story about the Edward Snowden case.  And hear about the special role radio can play in creating attention for new investigative findings in multiplatform projects in Norddeutsche Rundfunk.
   Music – Kim Wilde, international pop icon and radio presenter, will perform live and talk about her career in the pop world and on radio.  A must attend session!  
   Storytelling – in the US “The Moth” with live storytelling before a great, standing audience has become a cult event and an awardwinning radio programme.
   Personality radio – meet UK radio legend Tony Blackburn, “die Junge Wilde” from Antenna Bayern and vigorous new voices from around Europe “Talkin ‘bout my generation”.
   Creativity and talent.  Find out to develop creativity (Sam Cavenaugh) and get the best out of talent (Andy Parfitt).

Earning more money on radio

The bottom line is always money.  Public radio must keep the licence paying listeners – and politicians – happy.  Commercial radio must keep the advertisers – and the listeners – happy.
   Listen to radio sales expert Pat Bryson about “How to speak to clients”. UK RAB knows “How to unlock more advertising money”.  And find out why Belgian radio receives a much larger share of advertising money in their country than radio colleagues in other countries.  For themes of commercial interest take also a good look at the Company Presentations in the fourth column.