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First programme announced for Radiodays Europe 2015

New speakers and sessions for Radiodays Europe 2015

With just three months to go before Radiodays Europe in Milan, we are announcing the first round of sessions at the conference.

Sessions cover a wide range of topics – from journalism, social media and consumer research (and psychology) – to the latest on digital platforms, music streaming, as well as a look at the developments in the mobile sector. Plus we have new ideas in all areas of the conference; including programme formats, talent development, new revenues and business models.

New confirmed speakers are:

  • David G Hall, Media Strategist, Los Angeles, USA (Show preparation)
  • Cajsa Lindberg, Controller SR P3, Sweden (New ways to reach younger audiences)
  • Sam Cavanagh, National Executive Producer, SCA, Australia (Redefining radio)
  • Alison Winter, Head of Audiences, BBC (Media consumption on different platforms)
  • Sam Crowther, Head of Creative, Bauer Media, UK (The power of sound)
  • Thor Gjermund Eriksen, Director General, NRK (Switching off FM in Norway)
  • John von Gruner and Rasheed Moka, Hosts, JAM FM, DE(Having plastic surgery)

Other confirmed speakers include Pierre Bellanger (CEO, Skyrock, France), Dennis
(VP of Talent Development, iHeartMedia, USA), Helen Boaden (Director of Radio & Music, BBC, UK), Jacqueline Smit (CEO 358 Group, Netherlands), Adam Ferrier (consumer psychologist, Australia) and Mark Little (Founder of Storyful, Ireland).

This first release of sessions are only around half of the final programme. When the line up is complete there will be more than 100 speakers in 50 sessions over 2 ½ days – more topics and new speakers to be announced in January 2015.

See the first announced sessions here.