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Dublin: Meetingpoint for radio and new media headquarters

Seeking for community: Google, Facebook and Storyful

A number of global new media companies have established European headquarters in Dublin: Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo.   In the middle of this lies the top rated Convention Center Dublin which Radiodays Europe this year makes into the European meeting point for radio.  Of course we must look into what radio and new media have to offer each other in this age and city of digitalisation and convergence! 

In a new session on the programme Daniel Sieberg, Google, Evin Gaffney, Facebook and Aine Kerr from Storyful will share their views on what radio can do.

Everybody to Dublin?

We will be more than 1300 in Dublin this year.  That is more than in Berlin last year, and much more than in Barcelona the year before.  Radiodays Europe has really become a must-attend event to a growing crowd of radio professionals. 

In Barcelona and Berlin we were completely sold out.  Even in Dublin the capacity of hotels and our conference halls at the CCD are approaching the limits.  But there is still room for some more!  Be sure to register before we have to start saying no to new registrations!

Some other new sessions

Been there, seen that, done that. Irish  music and radio profiles will discuss the changing relationship between music and radio;  Ian Wilson, Tom Dunne, Wille Kavanagh and John Kerry.

Stephen Nolan, Belfast, well known radio presenter on BBC Radio Ulster and on BBC Radio Five Live, will talk about how to connect with your audience.

Radio innovations, with Chris Kimber, BBC Future Media, Aleks Rustemovski, Head of new business & internet  bigFM/RPR1, Germany and Roger Roberts, Head  R&D at RTBF, Belgium speaking.

And not to forget

The executive panel on Radio´s Connected Future with Helen Boaden, Radio Director BBC, UK, Jaqueline Smit, CEO Radio 538, NL, Cilla Benkö, Director General, Swedish Radio and Maryam Salehi, Managing Director, NRJ, France.

The inside story of the Snowden case, with Deputy Editor Paul Johnson from The Guardian.

Tony Blackburn, UK radio legend, interviewed about his relation to radio.

Kim Wilde, pop icon of the 80´s and now a radio host, will talk about music and radio – and sing too!

Ralph van Dijk, Creative Director of award winning Eardrum, Australia on the Sound of radical thinking.

Valerie Geller, USA in talk with Torsten Birenheide, Germany, Denis Florent, France and Liz Green, BBC Leeds. 

And sessions about iTunes radio, the world´s best radio apps, digital switch over, creativity and talent development, new programme formats, new audience research and new business opportunities for radio… 

More than 50 sessions, check the full programme and register on