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Download and try out our new Radiodays Europe mobile app!

Navigate programme, plan the days and exchange direct messages with other participants.

The app is now available for download from Apple App Store (IOS) and Google Play Store (Android).  It has been produced by the company All in Media. It is a great tool to get an overview of all about the programme, session descriptions and speaker biographies.  This may be interesting whether you will be attending this year's Radiodays Europe or not - and is available to anyone.  If you are also among the lucky 1300 participants on the move to Dublin this weekend, you will in addition be able to access and use the direct messaging function - scroll through the participant list and warm up your contact with old and new radio friends.

The app has these basic functions:

  • Conference programme (session details, speaker details and bios)
  • Your own personal planner (decide which sessions you want to attend and add them to your planner)
  • Keep up to date with the latest Tweets from Radiodays, and share your thoughts on the conference via Twitter from within the app
  • Message other delegates directly from the app before, during and after the conference
  • Listen to streaming radio channels dedicated to covering the conference

When 1300 radio folks shall download and get to know a new radio app, there will always be some questions.  Here are some of them answered.  If you have others, send them to and get them answered and added to the FAQ below to the benefit of others as well.

FAQ for Radiodays Europe mobile app 2014

How do I download the Radiodays Europe app?

If you have an iPhone you go to Apple App Store, search for Radiodays Europe and download it for free.  If you have a Samsung or another Android phone find it at Google Play Store. The app is only available for devices running Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or above.  It is downloadable for free.

I have the app – and it functions great for programme navigation.  But in the message function I am asked for a pin code.  Where do I get this pin code?

This direct messaging function is set up as a tool for participants at the Radiodays Europe conference in Dublin 23 – 25 March 2014 to communicate with each other before, during and after the conference.  All participants shall have gotten an invitation mail with their individual pin code.  It it has not reached you, send a mail to and it will be sent to you.

I am already in Dublin for the conference, but I am missing the pin code.  Is there someone here who can help me?

The app developer ”All In Media” will be present and can help you with this and other questions you may have.  On Sunday 23. March from 2 to 3 pm they will have a stand by the Registration desk at the venue CCD.  Outside this period you can contact them on  Be sure to notify them about which device and what version you are using.

During Monday and Tuesday they have their own stand by the bar in the back of the Exhibition and Lunch hall (The Liffey, level 01).  And on Tuesday morning 9.00 - 9.50 they host a session about ”The Growth of the Radio App” in Stream 4, Wicklow Hall 1, level 2.

When I send someone a message over the app, how do I know it was received?

The sender doesn't know if the recipient has read the email or the message. This might be something which may be included in a later version.

How do I know I have received a new message on my phone?

You should receive notifications on your phone when you receive a new message and the app is closed. When you install and launch the app the first time, it asks for permission to send you notifications. If you said no to this, then if you go into Settings -> Notification Centre, you can re-enable it. Our systems show that users are receiving notifications as expected.