Passion meets Progress
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A big opener


RAI's Director General Luigi Gubitosi kicked off the session talking about radio's role at the centre of the changing media world. As well as describing Italy's radio journey he talked about how young people are turning away from TV, but remaining engaged with country's radio stations. 


Mathieu Gallet, the CEO and Chairman of Radio France talked about the need to evolve the relationship with their audience away from just traditional broadcast radio to new platforms - digital and web radio - as well as using events and public spaces to engage with listeners and new ways.


Cilla Benkö, Director General, Swedish Radio, outlined some of the challenges facing radio from new platforms and digital operators, describing the need to co-opt the relationships that mobile technology is forging with consumers. At Sveriges Radio they're using an Innovation Task Team whose sole purpose is to work with journalists and developers to create new content formats and platforms for their listeners.


After a surprise performance from Italian singer Malika Ayane, Kristian Kropp, the CEO of Germany's bigFM/RPR 1 took to the stage talking about the need to make radio's content searchable, but it also needs to findable - on any platform where listeners are - and then easily shareable by our listeners. Kristian felt that there's a need to evolve from inter-radio competition to start collaborating with new media entrants, give a stronger voice to our listeners to help them co-create content and for stations to take the role of content aggregator to help consumers enjoy more of our content.