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15 reasons to attend Radiodays Europe 2015

RDE gives you:

  1. the latest innovations and newest developments in radio on new platforms - smartphones, digital, web and hybrid radio and on social media
  2. insights in changing audience behaviour, new research and new ways to connect with your audience  
  3. the best of radio today, successful radio cases presented by producers sharing their experience
  4. a unique show of new radio formats in news, talk and music radio from around the world
  5. knowledge about challenges for public and private radios in all the important markets in Europe and world wide
  6. new business opportunities and new revenues for radio
  7. innovative concepts for sales, marketing and production
  8. stories about successful radio journalism and storytelling techniques
  9. learnings from new media competitors and big players that transform our media landscape
  10. the visions and strategies of important radio leaders in public and private radio
  11. the European platform for international radio industry initiatives
  12. inspiration on how to make your team more creative, try new ideas and be brave
  13. useful ideas to bring home and put into practice on your radio station
  14. the chance to meet new exciting people and connect with friends 
  15. the energy of the joint vibrant radio industry

All this in one place, during 2,5 days in Milan 15-17 March 2015.
Don´t miss it! 

Useful info for planning and REGISTRATION.