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Elvis Duran, Morning Show Host - Z100, US

The Z100 Morning Show

“Elvis Duran and the Z100 Morning Show” wakes up New York City every morning! The programme is also heard in over 70 markets across the USA, making its host, Elvis Duran, one of America’s most popular radio personalities.

How do you create a show that consistently delivers huge audiences, and what are the ingredients that make this programme the most listened to Top 40 Morning Show in the US?

For one day only, Elvis will be in the building!


And here`s a little piece that ABC News did with Elvis Duran a few days ago.Radio host Elvis Duran`s uncensored take on Hollywood


Joining him on stage is the Vice President of Talent Development for iHeartMedia, Dennis Clark. Dennis’ role is to nurture the best and most talented radio people in the industry and he works directly with key radio personalities, such as Elvis Duran and Ryan Seacrest.




Elvis and Dennis will be in conversation with UK radio consultant John Simons, sharing their experiences and thoughts in what will be an unmissable session.