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Youtube made the radio star

Do you own a radio? The latest presenters on BBC Radio 1 in the UK don’t, they’ve never owned a radio.

Jack and Dean are Youtube superstars. Since they got a gig with BBC Radio 1 their Mum and Dad take them seriously. “If we told them that we made videos for Youtube then they wouldn’t think much of us would they?”


“There is so much variety on Youtube, people don’t understand it”, said Jack.


The BBC have partnered with Jack and Dean. They’re creating content together. Just because someone is a star on Youtube does not mean that they will be a success on air, so the content needs to be carefully and creatively produced.


Joe Harland, the Head of Visualization at BBC Radio 1, gave Jack and Dean a bit of context. Joe follows the data - what content works online, what works on air? Importantly, what doesn't work! It’s interesting to note, as well, that Jack and Dean don’t look at their own stats, they don’t focus too much on their audience’s habits.


Jack and Dean may have never owned a radio, but they seemed to be happy at Radiodays Europe. In fact, they are over the moon to be involved in radio. "It’s cool that BBC Radio 1 has been brave enough to get involved with us”. Cool.