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The young ones

Chaired by John Paul Coakley (Director of Operations at RTE), this session involved the audience, with a panel of youthful radio broadcasters asking questions of their elders.

Speakers included::

  • Tuija Pehkonen (Radio NRJ Finland, FI)
  • Graham Albans (BBC Radio 2, UK)
  • Guido Ardone (Radio2 Rai, IT)
  • Adam Fogarty (RTE Pulse, IE)
  • Anastasia Gorokhova (Voice of Russia, RU)


After the introductions, Pehkonen asked the audience how much of themselves they give on air. Should broadcasters give 100% or the recommended 70% dose? She's a strong believer in the 100% approach and the audience agreed.


Guido Ardone asked if, given the strict time restrictions of radio, going forward radioheads would turn to print? Surprisingly to him, the audience stood by their vocations. Ardone then asked if the audience could imagine themselves working the same job in five years time. Again, a surprise, the crowd were much more fluid than he had predicted. 


Fogarty's focus was on the hiring of young people. Was there an issue there? No, definitely not – apparently.


Coakely asked the young speakers to give a piece of advice to station Directors. The feeling in the room was that graduates needed to be more supported, guided and appreciated. Suggestions included making work experience more accessible and giving interns more responsibility.