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World Radio Day 13.2 - because we love radio!

Radio reaches up to 95% of the population around the world - and UNESCO has made February 13th into the World Radio Day, celebrating the fastest and most accessible medium.


Free, independent and pluralistic radio
"Free, independent and pluralistic radio is essential for healthy societies", says UNESCO Director General, Irina Bokova.

“In a world changing quickly, we must make the most of radio’s ability to connect people and societies, to share knowledge and information and to strengthen understanding.

This World Radio Day is a moment to recognize the marvel of radio and to harness its power for the benefit of all,” she says in her message on the occasion of the first World Radio Day. 

You may listen to her here.

The Queen of Information
Radio is the Queen of information, argues Jean-Paul Marthoz, political correspondent for the Belgian newspaper Le Soir and a renowned human rights activist. 

“The United Nations security council convened again yesterday evening in New York to discuss Syria….”  “The Mormon candidate Mitt Romney beat his rival Newt Gingrich in Florida yesterday.”  Every morning, everywhere in the world, the radio is the wake-up call.  Forget television, tablets, and computers, the day almost always starts with titles or snip-its of spoken news.  Whether it sputters or sizzles, radio is the first place for information.  Says Jean-Paul Marthoz.  Read more of his engaged views of the future for radio.

Celebrate today - and face the challenges of tomorrow
We in Radiodays Europe could not agree more.  Radio has a fabulous history in connecting people.  We are certain that radio will also have a great future when the radio industry finds ways to handle the challenges it is now facing especially in the most technologically advanced societies - with more competition from new media, economic crises and the need to develop engaging formats and attractive content for new generations of users.  And how this can be done will be the theme of the upcoming Radiodays Europe on March 15 - 16.

So: All the best for the celebration of World Radio Day today - and welcome to Radiodays Europe in March!