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The world’s youngest Head of Music

 BBRadio in Berlin play hits - a lot of them. Just not the right ones, and certainly not enough of them. Or so the research says. Something needed to be done, and the answer they came up with was a six year old girl.

 BBRadio in Berlin have been creative in their approach to music programming in the past. At one stage they used an ape, three year old Gerd Gibbon, to chose the music. They simply gave it a number of CD’s and played the ones it chose.
This time they turned to a six year old girl.

During six weeks in 2011 this young girl, named Leni Gagga, turned the radio station on its head and created what has proven to be their best promotion to date. A survey found that 91 per cent of their P1 listeners loved it and 57 per cent wanted more.
Leni Gagga was quite specific as to her payment - a pink bicycle. The final bill came in at just over 1500 Euros.

Take a look at the presentation.

This was a session about the young and the old on radio - the 6-year old Leni Gagga and the considerably older Beryl & Betty.  Watch one of the entertaining, interesting and useful sessions at the conference!  Fortynine minutes with BBC's Beryl & Betty first and BBRadio's Leni Gagga in the last half.