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Annika Nyberg, Media Director EBU

The world’s greatest radio apps

Annika Nyberg gave more detail on the EBU initiatives aimed at getting broadcast free-to-air radio inside mobile phone handsets. 

The “Smart Radio Initiative” is an EBU-led project designed to assure the hybrid future of radio by getting broadcast radio into mobile phone handsets. The project crucially brings in partners from the US and is focused on developing globally applicable open standards with the goal of getting broadcast radio into smart phones – “making broadcast radio like an app”. 

Annika emphasized the EBU’s view that radio needs a broadcast backbone combined with broadband to make sure radio is where users expect to find it.

Through a combination of examples, interview clips and on-air demos, James Cridland gave an excellent overview of the most innovative radio apps around at the moment.

Gmedia showed great potential on how to monetise content through creating a live feed pulling in data about the news, weather and traffic.

Jason Malaure explained how users can now add a whole new radio station to their app – the “Oscar Pistorius” pop-up station in South Africa is driving listeners to their website through its live coverage of the court case.

Omny in South Africa lets the listener create their own personalised radio station, bring in partners from large syndicates to local content.

The Soundcloud app is more focused on feedback and comment across all the social media, encouraging users to share and comment on the content.

Shoppernova Australia’s app offers coupons and limited-time special offers to encourage listeners to tune in now.