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Workshops: Social media, leadership and radio sales

Find out how to avoid the rumours and find the trustworthy stories on the social web.  Learn editorial leadership from the BBC.  Or join Paul Weylands Radio Sales Bootcamp.  The choice is yours - between three exclusive workshops Sunday 17th 1500 - 1730.



Berlin Congress Center, Berlin

Time: Registration and check in 14.30, Workshops running 15.00-17.30 on Sunday.  The workshops are only open to registered participants, come at an additional cost of 100 euro + 19% German VAT and has a limited capacity. Pre-registration is required and the workshops will be filled up on a "first come, first served"-basis.    Pre-register here.
Workshop 1:

Avoiding rumours and hoaxes:
Verifying content from the social web

Claire Wardle (Storyful, Ireland)
Every minute 72 hours of content are uploaded to YouTube and 100,000 tweets are sent. Radio stations are increasingly relying on content and contributors from social networks, but as well as the incredible resources available on the web, producers and presenters have to be aware of the rumours and hoaxes circulating on the web every day.
Learn which online tricks and tools you should know to ensure you're not caught out. The workshop will be run by Dr Claire Wardle, Director of News Services for Storyful - the first social media news agency, who are experts on online verification.
Workshop 2:

‘The Effective Newsroom Leader’
BBC College of Journalism - Editorial Leadership Workshop

Jane Kinghorn and Mia Costello  (BBC College of Journalism, UK)
This workshop is based on a highly successful practical and interactive BBC course. It is designed to develop more confident and effective editorial leaders for any newsroom and journalism environment.
More than 400 editors, media executives and senior journalists from around the world have already been through the course. They have come not only from the BBC but some of the most respected international news organisations.
The workshop has been specially put together by Mia Costello and Jane Kinghorn - two of the BBC’s most experienced executive trainers and coaches. They will give you the inside track on how the BBC helps its editorial leaders to clearly communicate their editorial vision, create and harness original journalism, and get the very best out of their team.
More details and testimonies of those who have attended. 
Workshop 3:

Radio Sales Bootcamp

Paul Weyland (Sales strategist, trainer and author, USA)
This seminar is intended for both radio and television sales and management. Attendees will leave with ideas they can go out and use immediately to sell more long-term local direct. They will also have a great time learning.
In this seminar we cover local direct subjects including:
•       Why it's in your best interest to ask for long-term local direct business in virtually every case
•       Why it's in your client's best interest to have a long-term contract with your station regardless of rates or ratings
•       Why clients don't like most media salespeople and how to avoid their disdain
•       How to explain modern marketing and branding to a local direct client
•       How to explain the difference between good and bad advertising to a local client
•       How to manage your client's expectations about results on your station
•       How to close a sale and get your client to double or triple what he "perceives" he should be spending on your station
•       Web sites, text messaging, iPods -The best ways to package and sell non-traditional media
•       Where rate resistance comes from and how to deal with it
•       Great new ways to prospect for local direct business
•       How to get into your client's "circle of trust" and build life-long client relationships
•       How to do genius creative whether you're a creative genius or not

Interested?  Choose one of the three - and preregister here!