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Who is listening? For how long? And why?

In this session, three leading measurement organisations spoke about their measuring methods: the challenges as well as the opportunities.

 Jim Ford, Ipsos Media CT
Ipsos is a media, content and technology research company with a presence in 85 countries. They use traditional and digital media audience measurement, syndicated media research, customer acquisition, as well as the creation and running of online panels and communities for forecasting the likely success of new content or services.

Jerry Hill, Rajar
Rajar is a not-for-profit, industry-funded organisation, in charge of measuring radio audiences in the UK. 
Rajar has Europe's largest survey. The current annual sample size is approximately 110,000 respondents, starting at 15 years old. All Participants are asked to keep a diary recording their radio listening for a week.

Keld Nielsen, Kantar Media Audience
Kantar doesn't just want to know the audience, they want to understand the audience. They use Portable People Meters (PPMs), that can measure all the media that audiences are exposed to. Kantar is also using a measurement device enabled for smartphones.

Here you can listen to the session: