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What is the future of radio in the car?

In Italy 70% of radio listening takes place in the car. But will this always be the case? In fact, will radio always be in the car? 

Tobias Wallerius is a Hardware Architect at Visteon in Germany. Thankfully Visteon is keen to keep radio in the car. Digital radio. Hybrid radio, Visual radio. Even though car manufacturers work with 15 year timescales, they still think radio is important for drivers. 

Michael Hill has a solution. As the Managing Director of Radioplayer in the UK, Mike has a solution which he hopes will secure radio’s place in the car. He announced the launch of his hybrid car radio, ingeniously titled “Radioplayer Car”. 

It's a clever concept too. The listener does not have to concern themselves with which platform they are listening to - FM, DAB or the internet. As the car moves in and out of signal, the platform changes, but this is completely hidden from the driver. A true example of hybrid radio. 

And it's an exciting proposition, especially if the rest of the vehicle industry adopts the technology.