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What does your brand sound like?

Tomas Bacoccoli is a Communications Expert. He spoke about one of the most emotive types of audio: music. He demonstrated how, by using sound effectively, radio producers can make stations - and help our clients be - more successful.

He argued that radio has the power to move people to different situations, in seconds, by painting pictures in the mind. Because we consume audio constantly without needing to actively listen, radio is the perfect platform to effectively communicate brands and ideas without requiring direct attention.


It’s Tomas’ view that by understanding the biology of our mind, and how we link between hearing and understand, we can better use the technology at our disposal to reach our audience. He argues that music is the perfect tool, because it links instantly to emotion. 


In radio, we can see this instantly when recalling jingles and idents. Listeners immediately understand the tone, personality and vision of the show, and usually remember everything else about the brand. What is your audio brand? 


Bacoccoli presented interesting statistics saying that, although he sees music branding as important in advertising, only two out of 10 advertisers actually own their own “brand sound”. He believes music is so connected to our identity, that sound should play a much bigger part in selling products.