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What does it mean to be young and wild?

With this year’s conference still in its infancy, the question posed this morning seemed quite apt: “What does it mean to be young and wild”?

Three young speakers from across Europe mused on some of the answers.

Kristina Hartman and Andreas Christl were the first to take to the stage. They co-host a weekly show on Antenna Bayern. As winners of last year's Radio German Award, they had a few words of advice for young broadcasters. It’s about having fun and building a community. It’s also about “working your arse off”. We finish every Friday with a beer, said Andreas, that way we look forward to next week. Sounds like hard work…!




What happens when a scientist and a comedian broadcast a weekly radio podcast together? Karin Gyllenklev and Jesper Rönndahl’s “The Institute”, on Sweedish station P3, is what happens! It's a party. It's wacky. It’s compelling. It's random. And it’s absolutely wonderful. The team played some really well produced clips with both comic and serious elements. There style is unique and they said that one of their key criteria when producing content is that, if used, it would go down well at a house party.


Graham Albans is the Assistant Producer on the Breakfast Show at BBC Radio 2 in the UK. Presented by Chris Evans, the show is the biggest show in Europe – Graham told us why. Firstly, the working environment is great fun. A “bland office will make for bland office experience”, so Radio 2 is a really fun place to work. Secondly, the show is inclusive.

“We don't tell our story, we tell the story of our listeners” Graham said. Thirdly, the Breakfast team never use the first idea they come up with, nor the second – they only ever use the third idea (I wonder how long it took for them to come up with that idea). And lastly, they make little things into really big things, avoiding the big celebrity stories, and instead opting for personal stories about yodeling and prawn market stalls.


Graham Albans interviewed by Trevor Dann, Radiodays Europe: