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Conference Committee Radiodays Europe 2013

What are the hot topics for 2013?

Radiodays Europe has a reputation for offering the best speakers and the most inspiring content for the radio  industry. So what topics and what speakers should be on the agenda 2013?

To discuss this the Conference Committee met in Berlin 4 October. The Conference Committe is the advisory body of Radiodays Europe and 25 representatives from different partner organisations across Europe met at the Nordic Embassies in Berlin Tiergarten. They had their say on what they think are important challenges for the radio industry and an opportunity to suggest speakers. 


This a unique way of collecting ideas and different points of view of  where radio is going. To get everyone in one room to discuss the future of radio. I think everyone attending was amazed how much is going on within European radio, says Project Manager Anders Held.



The direct involvement of broadcasters and their organisations in different countries in shaping the conference programme has been a trade mark of Radiodays Europe from the start. Proposals have also been send by mail by many individuals.    

This is a conference for, by and with radios of all kinds. Broadcasters are sharing their experiences and their ideas. That is what has made Radiodays Europe the biggest and most important radio conference and the true meeting point for European radio, says Anders Held. 



Programme Group
From the hundreds of suggestions the Radiodays Europe Programme Group of six persons will now pick the best and publish a preliminary programme for the conference early December. Some news on speakers will be released in the middle of November.

This year the programme group has the following members: Susanne Baldauf (Radiozentrale, Germany), James Cridland (Radiofuturologist, UK), Anders Held (Project Manager, Sweden), Rolf Brandrud (Project Manager, Norway), Nik Goodman (Bounce, UK) and Peter Niegel (Audience Researcher, Denmark).  


You can always send proposals for speakers and topics to