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Dennis Christensen, Deputy director of Audience Research in The Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR), DK

We want on demand, and we want it now

“Since 1998, linear radio has been losing listeners”, says Dennis Christensen, from The Danish Broadcasting Corporation.

Once regarded as time consuming and expensive, on-demand radio has been given a new lease of life. Since the rise of the smartphone, on-demand radio has come to the forefront for broadcasters driving forward for the future.

On-demand radio is a worthwhile investment because of what it gains – new listeners and satisfaction for the regular ones.

94% of Danes listen to radio once a week and the percentage of those listening to on-demand is rising steadily. Smartphone sales are soaring and this is contributing to the rise of on demand.

Olaf Lassalle (AGMA) has been devising a measurement of web radio usage using qualitative surveys and quantitative measurement. This provides a clear, detailed and accurate measurement of web-based radio usage. Almost all of Germans over the age of 10 years have accessed web-based radio at least once and this is rising.


According to Patrick Collins (BBC Radio 1, 1Xtra and Asian Network), when it comes to on-demand listening there are three principles to adhere to: Listen, watch and share. Social media is of significant value but the industry could be doing more with it.