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We are building products for radio's future audience: children.

Tom Heerdegen, Head of News from NDR Info in Germany, talked about how they put together their news programming for kids. 

They send reporters to schools who spend time with 9 to 12 year olds explaining the stories to them and recording their own opinions and views so the programme can come from their point of view.

Ninjanieuws produces 10/15sec news reports for Instagram/Snapchat. The reports are audio and video, but they must work without sound (as many are watched in a sound free environment). The beta they created generated 500/1k views a day, they then passed it over to the youth network who carried on the work and are now generating 30k-100k views per episode.

Torsten Bierenheide the Programme Director of BBRadio and Radio Teddy, Germany talked about the success of their children's radio station - something that’s often out rating the youth stations in the market. 

The station's audience listen mainly before and after school, with a breakfast show hosted by "a funny guy, a Mum and her crazy dog”. Kids ring in to do the weather too - it’s never raining!