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We’re all social butterflies

Over the next few years your audience will become more segmented and more fragmented. This is the view of Alex Braga.

Alex presents a show on RAI Radio 2 in Italy. It’s one of Italy´s most innovative cross-media programmes, a showcase for social media usage in Italy.

And he never does anything on social media that is not entertaining. It’s all about having fun! "We need to understand what our audience wants", said Alex.. 

Erik van Hengstum is the Innovation Manager at NPO in the Netherlands. He’s convinced that broadcasters need to lower the threshold for interaction via social media. "We need to make it easier for our audiences to engage with us". 

Hengstum's NPO are experimenting with location-based services, creating personal connections with the presenters. We need to say thank you too. Broadcasters should also use social content on air - give your listeners credit. 

António Mendes is the Programme Directo at RFM in Portugal. "We live in the era of brand value co-creation". Brands are alive on social media. So how different are radio brands from other brands?  Mendes thinks that they’re not. Facebook and other social platforms need to be loved by the station before they will be loved by the audiences.