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Visual radio and some clouds float by...

From one of the last sessions at Radiodays Europe 2013, we heard from Christian Richter, CEO at Spoiled Milk, Aleksander Rustemovski at BigFM and Ben Fawkes from Soundcloud.

Christian’s first job of the day was to see how many of the audience had a smart TV, and of those, how many people use it for radio (not that many it would seem). Richter then went on to explain why radio stations need to invest in a presence on TV. The most valuable place  in the home, in terms of ad expenditure, is on TV. Rustemovski said, “Smart TV is the new frontier for app-based marketing and discovery.” 

Aleksander Rustemovski told the story of BigFM and its foray into smart TV apps. BigFM is the first German radio station to launch a Samsung smart TV app. This app is supported by Spoiled Milk, combining radio, web-content, social media and video content, as well as pictures. See both their presentations below.

Ben Fawkes spoke about Soundcloud, the largest audio sharing platform globally. Ben shared Soundcloud's plans for the future and kept the session at the end of the day, up beat. We're ready for next year in Dublin.

Combined presentation of Richter and Rustemovski: