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Top five ideas in 6 minutes

5 top radio brains from Australia, Slovenia, Sweden, Norway and USA  give your their best ideas in 6 minutes each.  Short text appetizer and video of full session.

 Craig Bruce at Southern Cross Austereo, Lenja Faraguna Papp at the Radio Advertising Bureau in Slovenia, Tomas Granryd at SR-P3 in Sweden, Tone Donald at P-3 NRK in Norway, and David G Hall, Radio Strategist from LA give their top five ideas in just six minutes each. Here's some of the best. 
Take a match and burn it, give it to each team member and ask them to answer the question before the flame touches their finger – what makes your radio station different from other stations in the market?
“Love your listener like your wife”
Go 50/50 – The best story tellers are girls the best stories are from girls. 
“Collaborate with your competitor, don’t try to put things in a little box”
Play the jingles – the orchestra was invited to play all the jingles and meet the audience.
Say what people are thinking but not saying – the best presenters do this naturally.
Get to the good stuff in the first 30 seconds.

Watch a compact session with 25 ideas in less than 45 minutes here.