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Tell the truth!

Tell the truth, make it matter, never be boring – that is what Valerie Geller, Consultant and Talent Coach from New York, suggested broadcasters needed to do in order to tell powerful stories on-air. 

 “A good motto is - if you talk about it off-air, you can definitely talk about it on-air,” Geller said. Especially for male listeners, it is important to speak visually. Scientific studies proved that in order to get a man to listen you have to create a picture in his head. With woman it is different, as they also react to emotional subjects. 
Geller highlighted four rules for powerful storytelling:
1. Focus: The topic has to matter. Health and safety are good topics that matter to everyone, said Geller. Other themes that works is emotion or money. 
2. Engage: What’s in it for the listener – that’s the question every reporter has to ask before telling a story.
3. Opinion and Position: It is important to give the listener some orientation.
4. Storytelling: To tell a good story a reporter has to answer what happened, why it happened, who was involved and how it happened. What happened is the most important question to answer, Geller said. It always has to come first.
A lot of reporters don’t know where to find good themes. Geller suggested getting stories out of an individuals own life. Other reporters often obtain strong themes through observing or overhearing, for example in a queue of a coffee shop.