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Susan Marjetti: A business case for diversity

Public radio, in many parts of the world, has seen a steady decline in audiences over the past decade. Yet Canada's public broadcaster in Toronto is seeing steady audience growth.

In fact in Toronto, Canada's largest most multicultural city, the CBC morning show: Metro Morning isn't just growing it's audience. It's number one in the most competitive media market in that country.

How did that happen ?

The CBC's Managing Director Susan Marjetti was the architect of the changes that re-positioned CBC in the Toronto marketplace. Her talk "Metro Morning: A business case for diversity", identifies what she, and CBC Toronto did ten years ago, to find itself the most listened to radio in Canada today.

Susan says there are three key elements and anyone can do it. Susan Marjetti is CBC's Managing Director- Toronto Region. She manages the CBC station in Toronto: radio, tv and digital. As MD of the Region she also manages and oversees, a half dozen smaller stations across Ontario.

Susan believes to remain relevant, the public broadcaster must connect and reflect a changing audience. Susan's work is studied and honored. Most recently, she received the Innoversity "Outstanding Leadership Award", a national honor, presented to her for a lifetime of work in b roadcasting, that promotes and supports diversity and inclusion. Susan doesn't just talk about. She does it. And the results speak for themselves.