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Ole Jørgen Torvmark

Success is more than looks

People don’t listen to radio because the device looks good, says Digitalradio Norway CEO Ole Jørgen Torvmark. The key to a digital switchover is content, coverage and collaboration.

 The reality of radio today, and even more so in the future, is multi platform and mobile. But the key to a successful switchover from analogue to digital are threefold, according to Digitalradio Norway CEO, Ole Jørgen Torvmark.
“Cross industry collaboration is key to the success for digital radio, along with content and coverage,” he said in his presentation.
Talking about the Norwegian digital radio history so far, he explained how the country has become the first to issue a government white paper outlining a switch to digital broadcasting as early as 2017.
The reality for Norwegian radio is not a positive one.
“Norwegian radio is suffering with less time spent listening, falling revenue and younger audiences failing,” says Torvmark.
He believes the digital switchover will provide both operators, advertisers and listeners a bright new future.
“From 2017 there are no longer any license fees and there are no license requirements. But significant space must be afforded national public service broadcaster NRK,” says Torvmark.
With all the new products being made available to the consumers, like smart phones, tablets and hybrid radios, Torvmark warned that a device is not a reason to listen.
“People do not listen because the device looks good, people listen because the content is good.”