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Step outside the radio-box

 "An enigma, a sound puzzle and a permanent experiment" - that is how Andrey Knyshnew, Producer of Chiplduk, describes his radio station.

  Chiplduk is considered to be the most original web radio in Russia. They broadcast the weirdest things, such as enlarged mosquito sounds. There is a show for elderly people where the presenters talk really slow and repeat every second word. And there is news for animals, presented by dogs and cows. 
Chiplduk also keeps their audience guessing about their name, telling the audience different tales about where Chiplduk originates from. They once told the audience that the Chiplduk was a well known toy in Asia. 
Chiplduk destroys normal radio programming and creates something completely absurd. But Chiplduk attract up to 50,000 listeners per month.
Getting people to watch radio, that is Fonderia Mercury's mission. 
The Italian company produce live recordings of audio dramas, on a theatre stage with a live audience. People listen to the recordings over headphones, whilst the actors perform the drama on stage in front of them - creating sounds, noises and atmosphere. Productions are uploaded the same night online and there is an app that let's users re-watch the whole show. 
Fonderia Mercury also partners with publisher Feltrinelli. For each recording they release books and e-books, with the original text and the adapted script for radio. Fonderia Mercury also stages live drama recordings at universities, where, as a special extra, the students can meet the writers and can attend seminars for radio writing.