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The sound of the future

 TV in radio, interactive podcasting and database mapping –that is thesound of the future.

Duncan Kolba flashed up pictures of his young presenters, Susanka, Dani and Julia. Google Glass is the future according to Kolba – with audio capabilities, Bluetooth and visuals, he sees it as bigFM's new mode of interacting with the audience. Why keep radio purely audio when there are so many visual opportunities?

Chris Kimber gave an overview of the BBC’s Playlister. This innovation enables users (presenters and listeners) to build playlists of tracks they’ve heard on the radio and, as Kimber see’s it, is about translating what people do in the terrestrial space into the digital space. Like the song? Share it with your friends. Want to hear it again? Download it straight onto your device.


Eugenio La Teana, from Italy’s RTL, shared his Radiovisione concept. RTL are filming their news output and it is like watching Fox News – sidebars, tickers and live video on-location surrounding the presenter on screen. WhatsApp also plays a major role in the interactions of the station. In fact, 90% of the messages the station receives come from users via the app - 100,000 messages every day.

Roger Roberts of Belgian RTBF shared a semantic vision: “No more BITS” (Blind Insignificant Technologies and Systems)! We have data, a lot of data … but the need is to manage “Information” at human AND machine level!.