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Brett Spencer

Social Media is a key to generate new listeners and new sources

Claire Wardle from Storyful and Brett Spencer from BBC Radio 2/6Music gave some examples of what a good and a bad station would look and sound like.

Back to today, for Claire social media gives radio stations three things:

  1. Makes me find better content
  2. Engage with my current listeners
  3. Enables anyone in the world to find me

Brett went on to talk about his experience about taking a local station – BBC Three Counties – and the steps they took to move it to the modern world and particularly how that enhanced the output. A key element was getting all of the staff to engage with new, live, data. They made Netvibes the homepage for every staff member’s computer with lots of different sources – from @replies to Facebook searches. At the same time, Brett felt that the person at the top has to lead it – Brett repeatedly asked staff members to tell him what the listeners were talkling about – making them responsible for delivering the change.
Social media was also key to generate both new listeners and new sources. A local park closure was discovered due a campaigning Facebook group. The station engaged with the group and made them contributors to the show. One of the biggest things these contributors said “we didn’t know you do this, we’ve never listened to you before”.
Claire went on to give some top tips about what station should do:

  1. Ensuring senior management are using this technology. They need to be involved and leading from the front.
  2. Ensure you have clear guidelines and all staff understand how they work in practice (ask questions about what is acceptable and talk about it)
  3. Ensure all staff are inspired through the right kind of training
  4. Ensure these thing are measured
  5. Embed digital in everything you’re doing
  6. Fish where the fish are (you don’t necessarily need to build a community – just join one)
  7. What are the opportunities to properly collaborate with your listeners
  8. Adopt, adapt, improve