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Marilou Kersemaekers and Anja Legemaat, from NOS.

The Social Media Handbook for Journalists

The Netherlands’ public service broadcaster is combining social media and news, says Marilou Kersemaekers and Anja Legemaat, from NOS.

 NOS has created an incredible network of people generating content, by engaging listeners via Twitter and Facebook. 
1500 so-called "normal" people became "news partners" overnight. They started sharing their knowledge, expertise and experience with NOS and engaging with the issues of the station. It's like having 1500 external reporters in the field, says Kersemaekers. 
Social media engagement helps keep listeners feel special too. The radio station can tap into this network and use it to broadcast content, whilst also keeping listeners close to the station as a whole. 
However, this pool of content providers also comes with some problems. The biggest issue is trustworthiness. For example, how can broadcasters validate news content generated by the audience?

Here you can listen to Kersemaekers' and Legemaat's presentation:

The session ended with the launch of Swedish Radio`s new book about socialmedia : "Social media, a handbook for journalists," due to be published in the next few weeks.


Here you can listen to it: