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Snapchat is the new Facebook

Jon Spearing, Research Manager for BBC Online, and Rasmus Thaarup, an audience researcher for the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, took to the stage to discuss good practice in social media.


Jon began by outlining his four principles for social media. Firstly, one size doesn’t fit all. Each of the BBC’s social media accounts are used by their audience for a particular goal. 

His second principle was that you should tailor your content for the particular platform, being mindful of the differences in use and the way content is surfaced across social media networks.

Jon’s third principle was to make content that people want to share. Content that doesn’t have an emotive response isn’t shared as widely. The most shared content often helps you say something about yourself. 

His final principle was to make people understand it’s your brand, by using things like logos and pre-roll adverts to ensure that your audience is aware of who and where that content is coming from.

Rasmus then talked about the experience of the Danish Broadcasting Corporation and social media usage across Denmark. He surprised the audience with the statistic that the most common reason for social media use during a radio show was to kill time during less interesting bits of the programme. This was followed by users wanting to discover exclusive content, and finally with just a few wanting to influence and interact with on air content.

The most popular social media network in Denmark is Facebook, with 59% of Danes using Facebook daily. Rasmus highlighted how Facebook needs brands as much as brands need Facebook, and the network gives preference to high quality content with user relevance. He explained how Facebook should be used to extend the radio experience through visual add-ons and that it is better to have fewer but bigger Facebook pages.

Rasmus finished by discussing Snapchat, which has grown by 77% in the last year to become Denmark’s second most used social network. He outlined how Snapchat is different from other networks as it is live, immediate and intimate. It is unedited and requires of 100% of the user’s attention span as you control your own engagement with the content, and is used during DBC’s radio shows to engage with provide exclusive, behind-the-scenes content.