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Clive Dickens, Director of Digital and Innovation at Southern Cross Austereo, Australia.

The smartphone challenge

Speaking to a packed hall, Clive Dickens (Southern Cross Austereo (SCA), Australia.) said that SoLoMoVo – social, location, mobile and video – is the future of personalised content

"Engage with intimate scale" said Dickens. There's no point in having scale without engagement and there's no point in engaging without intimacy. SoLoMoVo is not a numbers mission – it is about relationships, content and engagement.


How many of us are honest enough to admit that they pick up their phone in the morning to check updates before saying “good morning” to their partner? And before they go to sleep?


Creating "marketing that people want to share" is the new mission in broadcasting. Mobile is taking over the world, with radio and TV colliding like never before.


Advertisers have no interest in “fat finger dumb likes”.  According to Mr. Dickins it’s about engagement. 68% of SCA's audience interactions happen on Facebook. Facebook users share a variety of content – from snaps of salad in a jar to Obama memes and kitten pictures. SCA's social media means that 75% of their website users come from Facebook.


"Exist to create shareable content so you never miss out" is SCA's mantra. Personalise, connect buyers with sellers and drive every bit of data to mobile.

Clive Dickens interviewed by Trevor Dann, Radiodays Europe: