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Ronnie Wood and Claire Neal

Rock Star on the radio: The Ronnie Wood Show

How do you turn a Rolling Stone into a radiostar and an award winning radio host? His producer, Claire Neal, gives you the answers in Barcelona in March.

He is a rock legend. He is a wild boy. And now he is an award winning radio host. He is a Rolling Stone. His name is Ronnie Wood.

   Meet his producer Claire Neal in this session where you will get a unique view behind the scenes at The Ronnie Wood Show. The show is an enormous success in the UK.

   You will get the full story on how the team has developed the idea to the show, how they got Ronnie convinced to do radio, how they have developed the content, how they produce the show and what challenges they have met during the creative process.

   The FULL STORY and a view on how to drive a process developing new content. Including lots of rocking sound bites!