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Reimagining your radio station

Phillip von Martius is the General Manager at Ego FM in Germany. He talked about how they established Ego FM to break the format rules. Whilst the station's broadly an indie/urban station, they wanted to reach a younger audience made up of anyone curious about new music.

They also segmented their content and marketing to reach two groups - radio descendants (radio fans but those who felt let down by format radio) and "Face-bookers" (those who like long tail music but aren't big radio consumers).


To make this work they were keen to imbibe their brand with the concept that they “don't just play music, they discover music".


Tone Donald, the Head of NRK Young from Norway, spoke about P3. In 2007 they realised that the station was stuck in the 90s. What they needed to do was re-invent the brand from the ground up, particularly in terms of its tone and ability to connect with the audience. 


For Donald, the reinvention came from "questioning the truth" of where the station was, and then concentrating on having a clear strategy. They needed to find the best talent, surround themselves with good people and most importantly entertain their audience.