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Valerie Geller

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Storytelling on radioDevelop your on-air talent!  And The Inside Track on Being a Successful Editorial Leader.  Three pre-conference workshops Sunday 23 March.

Storytelling on radio will run by two leading radio producers from public broadcaster RTE, Ireland – Ronan Kelly and Liam O’Brien.  Valerie Geller, internationally known consultant and trainer, will teach you can Develop your on-air talent.  And BBC College of Journalism will give a workshop they have run for hundreds of BBC News leaders on how to be a Successful Editorial Leader.


Read about the workshops and the workshop leaders below.

The workshops will be held at the conference venue CCD at 13:30 – 16:30 pm.  It will be possible to participate in both workshops and Dublin tours, as some of the tours start at 11:00 am.

All three workshops are available at an extra fee of 100 euro (incl VAT).  They have limited capacity and pre-registration is required.  By registering and paying by credit card online you will get immediate confirmation by email of your place at the workshop.

You can include workshop participation when you register for the conference HERE. 

Or, if you already have registered, you can log-in HERE with your email adress and the password you defined in the registration process.

RDE Workshops

Sunday 23 March 13.30-16.30 at Convention Center Dublin.


  1. Storytelling for radio

Ronan Kelly and Liam O´Brien (RTÉ, Ireland)

"Never forget the 'Once Upon A Time...."  The 'Documentary On One' on RTÉ Radio 1 has become one of the most successful units for the world in telling radio stories. So how do they choose their stories - and why? And how do they then shape those stories to maximize their impact on audiences?

The answers are many - and varied - but good storytelling principles apply to all genres of radio - be it news, sport, current affairs or features.

In this 3 hour workshop/masterclass you will learn a few storytelling principles but also get inspired about how to develop your way of telling compelling stories on radio.

Speakers/Trainers: Ronan Kelly and Liam O´Brien from RTÉ, Ireland.

Ronan Kelly has worked in RTÉ since 1987. Prior to that he worked in CNN, Channel 13 in New York and as a commercial video producer. He began in RTE TV as a presenter/reporter in health and environment programmes and, then, became a radio producer in 1990.
As well as producing all the main daily magazine shows, he  was part of the team bringing computerisation to radio production.  He also designed and launching the speech radio station, RTÉ Choice (now Radio 1 Extra). Since 2011, he has worked on radio documentaries as well as producing the short documentary series, "The Curious Ear". Ronan occasionally works in RTÉ television, recording voice-overs for TV documentaries and as a video journalist for 'Nationwide'.


Liam O´Brien is the Series Producer of the Documentary on One in RTÉ Radio 1. He holds a B.A in Music, an M.A. in Music Technology and a Diploma in Journalism. He began working in radio in 2000 when he joined RTÉ LyricFM. Liam has worked across various output - music, sport, current affairs, features, drama - and since 2005 in the genre of radio documentary. In late 2008, Liam was appointed series producer of the Documentary On One. Since then, the 'Documentary On One' has become one of the most successful radio documentary units in the world - collecting almost 100 national and international awards, including all the major competitions worldwide. Original output has also doubled during that time, with 50 new radio documentaries now going to air each year (with no increase in budget or personnel). Liam has delivered training sessions both nationally and internationally (EBU Masterschool).


  1. Develop your on-air talent

Valerie Geller (Consultant and Trainer, USA)

Why do your listeners choose you? In a world with many entertainment choices and where your listeners can get the same music and the latest news from other sources, how do you and your station standout, differentiate and win? 

The answer: Your Talent - Compelling, entertaining personalities!

When you invest in developing on-air talent and content,  you win. 

Whether your on-air personalities are new to broadcasting or have been at it for years, all talent can benefit from coaching, directing and training.

Your talent is your “gold.”  Great talent separates you from your competition.

If you’re willing to put in the time and to do the work, in this 3 hour workshop session, you'll take home proven techniques, to help mine your “gold” and develop your talent.

Speaker/Trainer: Valerie Geller from USA

Valerie Geller is a broadcast consultant, talent coach, trainer,  and seminar leader working with top personalities, news, talk, and information training communicators in 34 countries grow their audiences, using the proven CREATING POWERFUL RADIO methods to help broadcasters become more effective storytellers and communicators. 
GELLER has been working in Europe since 1991 and has worked with some of the top personalities in the world and is the recipient of the 2010 Rockwell Lifetime Achievement Award for Broadcasting and has been named by Radio Ink Magazine - one of the 50 Most Powerful Women in Radio.Beyond Powerful Radio - A Communicator's Guide to the Internet Age for News, Talk, Information & Personality, Broadcast, Podcast, Satellite & Internet" Focal Press 2011 is Geller's fourth book. For more  email, Twitter 


  1. The Inside Track on being a Successful Editorial Leader. Speakers: Mia Costello and Richard Jackson, BBC College of Journalism.

This 3-hour session is based on the mandatory training given to hundreds of editorial leaders working in BBC News. It’s designed to build confidence in those leading people in a journalistic environment, helping them to understand their role in this fast changing environment.

Senior trainers from the BBC College of Journalism will lead the workshop, which demonstrates how to communicate your goals and vision, how to help your team develop original and creative thinking in its journalism, as well as offering tips and techniques on how to give effective editorial feedback.

This interactive workshop will help both you and your team to improve their performance.

Speakers/Trainers: Mia Costello and Richard Jackson from the BBC College of Journalism, UK